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Global Transaction Services

Noor Bank’s Global Transaction Services (GTS) specialises in providing Shari’a compliant trade and cash management solutions for large companies and financial institutions.Cash Management delivers operational efficiencies by managing liquidity, payments, collections and information - allowing you to benefit from streamlined processes and better returns on your cash. Our consultative approach also allows us to customise solutions that meet the specific needs of your business.Trade Services continue to build relationships with key institutions to capture cross-border trade flows, and thereby deliver easy access to regional and global markets, prompt and secure payments, and compliance with international regulations. Our team will not only minimise the risks associated with overseas trading, but also devise tailored trade solutions that maximise returns for your business.All GTS solutions are designed to optimise your working capital cycle by creating efficiencies across the entire financial supply chain.

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GTS case studies

A Corporate customer was spending a lot of time following up with their buyers for payment. Even though our customer had delivered the goods to the buyer, they were incurring considerable expense in staff time and communication costs in order to follow up for their payments.

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Cash Management

Our innovative and reliable Cash Management Solution delivers operational efficiencies by managing Liquidity, Payments, Collections and Information Management – which results in streamlined processes, reducing operating costs through process automation, whilst earning higher returns on your cash. Our consultative approach allows us to customize solutions that meet the specific needs of your business


Noor Bank’s Trade Services facilitates your access to regional and global markets through relationships with key multi-national institutions to capture your cross-border trade flows and deliver cutting-edge Shari’a compliant solutions. Dealing with Noor Bank for your trade requirements will offer you peace of mind through secure and prompt payments, in compliance with international standards and regulations.

Islamic Factoring
Islamic Factoring

Islamic Factoring is a fully Shari’a compliant product that offers you working capital finance against your account receivables. It helps you manage your cash flows efficiently by releasing cash tied up in your receivables.