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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Noor Bank, our purpose is to make a difference for the better by not only creating economic value but by giving back to the community and delivering social value.

To achieve this, we have partnered with leading foundations in the UAE to support people of determination and have developed a Sustainability Framework to ensure that we can further play our role as a catalyst of change.



Noor Bank launched a collaboration with Mawaheb from Beautiful People (Mawaheb), a local art studio for people of determination, to create unique artwork for the Bank’s credit and debit card packaging that is sent to its customers.

As part of the tie-up, Noor Bank customers will receive their new credit and debit cards in boxes featuring the exclusive artwork, with information about the artist. Additionally, customers will also receive a link to the online store that sells the life-size pieces, or can view the portfolio available for purchase by visiting.

To further this collaboration, all calendars and note books that Noor Bank staff use showcase art created by artists that are part of the Mawaheb family.

More than 13 Mawaheb artists contributed their work, including paintings, sketches and drawings, to the initiative.

Since its inception, Noor Bank has actively supported noteworthy causes. The Bank has partnered with multiple institutions, groups and community initiatives with the strategic objective of serving social good.

Noor Art

At Noor Wealth, we value our roots. In the past few years we have witnessed all the Emirates converging towards promoting Arts & Culture through a number of new initiatives that have been launched across the UAE.

Inspired by that, we have launched ‘Noor Art’ - an initiative by Noor Wealth driven by passion with a mission to globally promote Art in the UAE, Emirati artists as well as new talent. Through this initiative we will give you access to exquisite artworks from the UAE and all around the world through various means including exhibitions at our Noor Art Gallery at our Noor Bank Sheikh Zayed Road Branch, Dubai Mall Branch and Delma Mall branch, showcasing various artists and galleries.

Artwork done by the Emarati Artist Faisal Abdulqader.

To know more, please visit https://www.noorbank.com/noor-wealth/services/noor-art



Sustainability is fundamental to our operations and guides us in living our values. To this end, we have identified four main areas of focus that can help us fulfil our sustainability targets and achieve our vision – To be recognised as the world's best contemporary Shari'ah compliant bank.

These include:

  • Giving back to society
  • Developing a comprehensive course of action around green initiatives and ethical concerns
  • Integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria in to our businesses
  • Positively impacting our stakeholders and the wider community

For further insights in to our sustainability journey over the last year, click:

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