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At Noor Bank, passion and dedication are essential components of our success. Every day, in every way, our people participate in building our bank. We have teams of people who are always thinking, acting, reacting and innovating.

We really are great doers, and we have proven this to our customers and to ourselves. Whenever there is a problem, we work a way around it. We seek out solutions and we find them. We get things done. And we are always eager to meet other doers.

Recruiting new talent is important to us. It forms a part of our continuous growth, and we look for smart and qualified people who can contribute to it.

We are an equal opportunity employer with a multi-cultural workforce of more than 400, comprising over 30 nationalities. Although these employees come from different backgrounds, everyone shares a common goal and collective vision.

Ours is also a culture that balances professional and progressive careers with varied personal lifestyles. There are numerous opportunities for growth – both horizontally and vertically, and across a broad spectrum of skill sets.

If you would like to join one of our teams, please view ourcurrent vacancies.

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