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Idikhar Savings Plan

Idhikar - 
 Savings plan

Achieving any goal requires commitment and discipline, and investing your money is no exception. Saving for the future is a wise decision, be it for a dream home, a long holiday, a luxury car, your children's future, or even your retirement.

One of the best ways to save is systematically - and steadily. Without your even realising it, you will be ready for opportunities whenever they knock at your door.


  • Builds fund value with regular savings over a period of time, starting from 5 years
  • Smart investment strategy meets your financial goals through a range of carefully selected Islamic mutual funds that brings you the benefits of diversification
  • In case of an emergency, a cash back option allows you to withdraw funds without any penalty, up to a maximum of 40% of the fund value


  • Helps you to plan ahead and start preparing for your future, rather than leaving things to chance
  • Offers family takaful protection with an increase in the value of the money you invest
  • No switching charges ensures you get the full benefits of performing funds

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