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Travel Promotion

Travel Promotion

Get exclusive offers for travel with your credit card. Our cards let you travel in comfort, and come with benefits tailored to make your journey more memorable

Applicable to


  • Airport Transfers
  • Exclusive Access to airport lounges
  • Free international driving license
  • Marhaba Meet and Greet services

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  • Credit Shield
  • Balance Transfer
  • Online Banking
  • Security
  • Long Payment Period
  • Revolving Balance
  • Global Acceptability
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Cheque against card
  • Easy Cash
  • Equal Payment Plan

Get insurance protection for the outstanding balance on your card, in case of unforeseen events such as permanent, total or partial disability, death or involuntary loss of employment.
A nominal charge will be levied on the total outstanding balance every month. The cover starts automatically from the date of subscription and you can cancel it at any time.

Transfer your outstanding balance from credit cards issued by other banks in the UAE. The maximum amount you can transfer is 90% of the total credit limit on your Noor Bank credit card. The minimum amount you can transfer is AED 1,000.
If you are already a Noor Bank cardholder, simply fill in the "Transfer Request Form", attach a copy of any of your valid IDs and submit it to us.
If you don't have a Noor Bank credit card yet, fill in the “Transfer Request Form” while applying for your new credit card. Your transfer request will be processed immediately following the approval of your credit card.

Use Online Banking to check your card statement and make payments

Latest chip & PIN card technology ensures superior levels of safety, both at home and abroad

Enjoy an extended payment period of up to 51 days

Pay the minimum amount due each month to revolve your balance

Use your card at over 35 million outlets worldwide that use chip & PIN technology

Withdraw cash from all our branches in the UAE, and at designated ATMs globally

We offer the convenience of a cheque from your credit card to pay school fees, rent etc., when a credit card is not accepted by the service provider. You can avail this facility though our Contact Centre by following a few steps as mentioned below:

  • Call the contact Centre – 800 6667
  • Request to issue a cheque against your credit card (Limit up to cash withdrawal amount)
  • If funds are not available after taking the request, you will be informed by the bank
  • Cheques will be either couriered or sent to branch for collection within 3 working days

Terms & conditions apply