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Every home is full of memories that bring warmth and happiness to the family living there. At Noor Bank, we understand the value of your home and the memories associated with it.

Home Contents is a comprehensive takaful plan designed to cover the contents of your home against all kinds of perils such as fire, earthquake, storm, flood, accidental damage and burglary.

Plan benefits include coverage for

  • Contents in the house
  • Contents temporarily removed
  • Loss of rent and alternative accommodation
  • Replacement of locks and keys
  • Loss of important documents
  • Personal and tenant liability
  • Worldwide cover for personal belongings if taken outside UAE for upto 90 days


  • Noor Bank customers
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Takaful is offered by Noor Takaful General PJSC. Noor Bank PJSC (‘Noor Bank’) is an authorized distributor of takaful policies in the UAE and shall not assume any responsibility for policy approval, issuance, handling of claims and payment of indemnity under the policy or otherwise. Policy Terms and Conditions apply.

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