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Define Your Goals, Depending On The Various Stages Of Life

Setting goals marks the beginning of financial planning to help you achieve the objectives at various life stages. It gives meaning and direction to the various financial decisions you will take during your lifetime. Financial needs change in different stages of life such as getting married, buying a house, children’s education, retirement, etc.

Markets Evolve, So Does Your Financial Situation

Your finances are in a constant state of change. Not only does the financial market fluctuate but your financial needs changes over time. Whilst, to some extent you can gauge the factors changing your financial situation, understanding market situation may be more complex.

Many factors such as major political events, natural or man-made disasters, supply & demand, market psychology may lead to fluctuations in the financial market. It is important to review your funds selection regularly to make sure it is aligned with market dynamics and your evolving future goals.

Therefore, it is important to:

Review your financial goals and align them in line with any major developments in your life. The impact of any such development may be positive like property inheritance, or negative like a substantial loss in business.

Monitor market fluctuations and align your investments accordingly.

  • Saving and investing involves a variety of risks such as:
    • - The risk of your money not keeping up with rising prices (inflation risk), or
    • - The risk that comes with share prices going up and down (volatility risk), or
    • - The risk that you could have earned better returns elsewhere (rate of return risks).
    The trick is to strike a balance between these different risks. What is a good balance for you will depend on your personal attitude to risk, your investment goals, timeframe & need for returns and your personal circumstances; i.e. how much you can afford to lose. Taken together, define your ‘risk appetite’.
  • Invest in the right funds in line with your risk appetite by diversifying your portfolio across various assets, sectors and markets.

Fund Performance & Fund Switching

While investing in unit-linked plans through our providers, you have access to a wide range of funds to choose from. We have now made it easier for you to track and understand the performance of your funds by giving you quick access to the latest available monthly performance of the funds. You have the flexibility to switch funds during the term of your plan.

For more information on your Noor Takaful plan or to switch your funds, contact:
if.support@noortakaful.com or mailto:bancaservicedesk@noorbank.com

For more information on your Salama plan or to switch your funds, contact:
CS.FT@salamalife.ae or bancaservicedesk@noorbank.com
Alternatively, visit Salama’s website to place a fund switch request online.


Noor Bank PJSC (Noor Bank) is an authorized distributor of takaful policies in the UAE for various takaful companies.

All product features and benefits are offered by the relevant takaful company/provider and not by Noor Bank. Noor Bank shall not assume any responsibility for policy approval, issuance, handling of claims and payment of indemnity or otherwise under the policy. Noor Bank does not advise on the selection of funds. Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance. The value of your investment may fluctuate upwards and downwards depending on a number of factors which may differ from one product to another.

The terms and conditions of the relevant takaful plans shall apply.

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