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Security is a top priority for Noor Investment Group LLC, including all of its affiliated companies (“NIG”, “we” or “our”). We are aware of the risks of doing financial transactions over the Internet and have set up extensive security technologies and processes to protect the transactions and details you transmit over the Internet. While we have taken all possible measures in protecting such transmissions it is a well known fact that no system can ever guarantee 100% safety given the open nature of the Internet. This is why you too must keep an eye on your own safety, especially when you are downloading files and supplying personal information over the Internet.

Below are certain threats that you will encounter while doing transactions over the Internet. We are also giving you some guidelines to protect yourself against such threats. Together we can work on ensuring that any risks relating to transactions conducted through the Internet are kept to a minimum.

Phishing and E-mail Scams

You may have heard of the term 'phishing'. It refers to fraudsters 'fishing' for your personal and financial details to use for criminal or other purposes.

Phishing is typically done by making identical copies of the websites of large reputable enterprises. Then scam emails will be sent to trick you into visiting these bogus websites and disclose your personal information.

Here are some "best practices" that you need to follow to avoid getting trapped into this:

  • How will I recognize a bogus website?
    Whenever you are uncertain of whether the website on your screen is genuine, check the exact Internet address, or URL.. If the address on your screen does not correspond with this, then you are at the wrong address and should break the connection with the site immediately. To make sure you have the correct URL, you can type it in yourself. That way, you avoid being directed to a bogus address by a misleading banner or link.
  • How will I recognize a phishing e-mail?
    Without using additional security measures like digital signatures, it will be easy for fraudsters to imitate e-mails. But you can take certain precautions to protect yourself against this. The criminals often place alarming, enticing or exciting subjects in their e-mails so that you are compelled to divulge the requested information. So, always take your time to read the e-mail carefully. In case of doubt, do not respond or react to such emails. Instead, confirm the matter through an alternate channel such as fax, telephone etc.
    Always remember: We WILL NEVER ask you via e-mail to supply confidential information such as your Noor related passwords.

What information should I keep confidential ?

Always be careful when asked for sensitive information such as account numbers, card numbers, PIN codes and address details. We will never ask you for any of the sensitive or confidential information via e-mail. We always handle your personal information and security of your transactions with utmost care.

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