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You enjoy life to the fullest only when you and your loved ones are healthy. While we cannot always prevent illness, we can always be prepared for it. With Noor Bank, you can make sure you and your family are adequately covered with a comprehensive health takaful plan.

We offer health takaful solutions that cover your medical needs in case of any unforeseen event of a medical emergency.

To get an instant medical coverage

Reasons to choose us

  • Hassle free enrolment for self and dependents including domestic help
  • 0% EPP facility on contribution payments from Noor Bank credit card
  • The plans are compliant with DHA guidelines and offers below benefits:
    • Second medical opinion
    • Accidental death benefit


  • Noor Bank customers
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Medical Takaful – FAQs

  • What is covered under the Medical Takaful policy?
  • A Medical takaful policy will cover you for any medical ailments be it a visit to a doctor, purchase of prescribed medicines, medical test as prescribed and even cases where you may need to be admitted in a hospital.

  • Who can take this policy?
  • All individual residents of the UAE (excluding visa holders from Abu Dhabi & Al Ain) can take this policy.

  • Can I renew my residence/work permit visa without a medical policy?
  • Having a medical policy is a mandatory requirement.

  • What is “Co-payment “and who pays this?
  • This is an amount payable by the policyholder to avail the medical benefits. The amounts may vary as per the plan taken.

  • Who is the Takaful Provider issuing the policy?
  • Noor Takaful Family PJSC

  • Can I take this policy for my parents who are in UAE on a Visit / Tourist Visa?
  • No, the policy can only be taken for UAE residents

  • Can I take this policy for my domestic helpers?
  • Yes, you can take this policy for your domestic helpers provided they are under your sponsorship.

  • I have a visa from Abu Dhabi but I work in Dubai. Can I take this plan?
  • No, the plan cannot be taken by visa holders from Abu Dhabi and Al Ain as the plans are compliant with DHA (Dubai Health Authority). However, AUH and Al Ain have to comply with HAAD (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi).

  • What is the Policy period?
  • The medical takaful policy is issued for 12 months from the date of issuance.

  • What are the plan options that I can take?
  • Below are the available plans:

    • 1. Basic
    • 2. Enhanced 1
    • 3. Enhanced 2
    • 4. Enhanced 3
    • 5. Domestic Staff
  • Who are AAFIYA / NEXTCARE?
  • AAFIYA / NEXTCARE are the Third Party Administrators (TPA) who provide and manage the list of available Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies and Diagnostic centers under the chosen medical plan.

  • What documents are required?
  • Sponsor:

    • 1. Trade License copy (for Company only)
    • 2. Passport / Emirates ID copy (individuals)
    • 3. Visa copy (individuals)


    • 1. Passport size photograph
    • 2. Passport / Emirates ID copy
    • 3. Visa copy
    • 4. Labour contract (for Employees only)
  • How can I pay?
  • You can pay by a Noor Bank Debit Card or a Credit Card.

  • If I need to speak to someone, can that be arranged?
  • If you want someone to call you, please write to GT@noorbank.com and leave your contact details and one of our representative will get in touch with you.


Takaful is offered by Noor Takaful Family PJSC. Noor Bank PJSC (‘Noor Bank’) is an authorized distributor of takaful policies in the UAE and shall not assume any responsibility for policy approval, issuance, handling of claims and payment of indemnity under the policy or otherwise. Policy Terms and Conditions apply.

To know more email us at GT@noorbank.com

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