Noor Wealth Insights
This month we spoke to our valued Noor Wealth client JUDr. Pavel Foubik who was kind enough to share with us what has contributed to his success in life and his career. JUDr. Pavel Foubik is a successful businessman, CEO of BRUDRA DMCC and the first President of the Czech Business Council in the United Arab Emirates. Customer interview

1. What values have guided you in your work life?

I believe that personal values and beliefs are transferrable into the work life as well. I’m convinced that courtesy, honesty, precision, standing by your word and loyalty play the vital role in anything you do. These are simply the values that have led me throughout my whole life.


2. Can you narrate one incident that changed your life?

I can’t really specify one incident or situation that changed my life. The world is developing so fast and life-changing situations or experiences come every single day. Every single day we face new challenges and opportunities that need to be embraced.


3. Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by successful people who, despite being super high achievers, stay humble and thoughtful.


4. What do you advise the next generation on managing wealth?

The world is changing so fast and taking so many mysterious directions, both good and bad, that it leaves one baffled on what advice to give the next generation. The best advice I can give them is that it is wise to expect the unexpected and be prepared for it.


5. How has your experience been with Noor Bank?

Noor Bank is a leading professional bank. Open your account with them and see for yourself!