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Advantage Account

Advantage Account

Our Advantage account is designed to give you superior services, unbeatable savings, and preferential terms through a choice of basic or premium packages. This dual account - a combination of a current and savings account - gives you a personalised cheque book, the chance to earn profits, and support from a dedicated Relationship Manager.

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Advantage Basic Package Premium Package
Everyday banking
Minimum average balance requirement of AED 3,000 Waived Waived
Telegraphic transfers 1 free per month 1 free per month
Cheque book 1st cheque book free All cheque books free
UAESWITCH cash withdrawal 2 free per month 2 free per month
Credit card Annual fee waiver in first year Annual fee waived


With Advantage, you can be sure that you are always treated with the respect and recognition you deserve.

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Advantage Basic Package Premium Package
Membership entry Minimum monthly salary transfer of AED 10,000 Minimum monthly salary transfer of AED 10,000 OR minimum average monthly relationship balance of AED 100,000
Membership fee Waived for all employees of companies listed on our Approved Employers List* Fixed Fee of AED 25 per month for employees of any company not listed on our Approved Employers List* Waived for all members who maintain an average monthly balance of AED 100,000, with fee applicable only in months when this requirement is not met. Fixed Fee of AED 25 per month for all other members.

Additional benefits

Credit card:

Your Advantage account comes with a credit card that is free of cost for the first year with a Basic Package, and free with the Premium Package. The credit card is also bundled with several extras such as fitness centre membership, valet parking, roadside assistance and travel desk service, among others.



Life is full of unexpected events, and our takaful products are designed to cover you’re your family and your assets. With Advantage, you can choose the packages that are best suited to your needs, with flexible terms and preferential pricing.

Reward points

You can get great deals and redemption deals by collecting Noor Bank’s Reward points on your Premium Package. The loyalty programme compensates you simply for using various services.

Earning Reward points

For every dirham you spend on your credit card, you earn 2 points (2% of spend) that can be redeemed for CashBack, and Sharaf DG, Joyalukkas, Jacky's retailer & Jacky's Electronics vouchers and Awqaf and Minors Affairs (AMAF) donations.

Premium Package Reward points
Opening an account 1,000
Transferring monthly salary, for every AED 1,000 transferred to your account 15
Monthly balance maintained in your account, for every AED 1,000 15
Mudaraba Investment Deposit: For every deposit of AED 10,000 15
  • To earn Reward points on your monthly salary transfer, the minimum amount transferred must be AED 10,000
  • Reward points on Advantage account and deposits are subject to meeting minimum balance requirements for Mudaraba Pool
  • Reward points are not applicable to Wakala Investment Deposit
  • Reward points are calculated on a monthly basis and updated in the following month
  • You may call our Contact Centre on 600 500 607 at any time to find out how many Reward points you have accumulated
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