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Get Takaful protection for the outstanding balance on your card, in case of unforeseen events such as permanent total or partial disability, death or involuntary loss of employment. A nominal charge will be levied on the total outstanding balance every month. The cover starts automatically from the date of subscription and you can cancel it at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Shield is a Takaful plan that covers your credit card payments in case of unfortunate events like death, disability, and unexpected loss of employment.

Just call us on 600 500 607 and you will be immediately enrolled on the Credit Shield Takaful plan.

To apply for Credit Shield you need to be a Noor Bank primary credit cardholder with valid UAE visa/UAE Nationality, holding a valid Emirates ID and actively pursuing employment.

Credit Shield protection covers the credit cardholder in the following events:

  • Death due to any cause (DAC)
  • Accidental Death (AD)
  • Involuntary Loss of Employment (ILOE)
  • Permanent Total Disability (PTD) due to accident and sickness, Own or similar occupation, 6 months deferred period
  • Permanent Partial Disability (due to accident only), as per continental scale

Please refer to Credit Card Price Guide for the rate charges.

Only Primary credit cardholder is covered under Credit Shield Protection Cover.

Credit Cardholder should be of a minimum 18 years or maximum age of 65 completed years at the time of enrolment and can avail the benefit till attainment of age 65. However, in respect of ILOE benefits the age limit is 19-59 years old.

Yes, Cardholder can enroll for Credit Shield at any time by calling the call centre on 600 500 607.

The Maximum covered amount annually is AED 48,000 with a cap of AED 4,000 per month.

In case of a claim, Customer should provide the below documents as supporting documents/evidence of claim along with claim form;

  • 1. For Death Claim
    • a. Copy of the official death certificate
    • b. Copy of the national identity card or passport of the eligible
    • c. Statement from the bank detailing the outstanding balance
    • d. Finance application form signed by the customer
    • e. Copy of the medical report/forensic report stating the cause of death
    • f. Police report in case of accidental death
    • g. Good health declaration or medical questionnaire provided by the applicant at the inception date of finance, if any;
  • 2. For Permanent Total Disability claims
    • a. Copy of the national identity card or passport of the eligible
    • b. Note from the official authority giving agreement on the PTD of the eligible
    • c. Statements from the Bank detailing the outstanding balance
    • d. Financeapplication form signed by the customer
    • e. Medical certificate from the attending physician giving full information on the claimants health status
    • f. Copy of all medical documents (hospitalization and surgery reports, histology reports, specialist’s report, lab test, etc.) related to the claim
    • g. Good health declaration or medical questionnaire provided by the applicant at the inception date of the finance, if any
    • h. Police report in case of accidental disability
  • 3. For ILOE Claims

    Submit the following documents to prove the involuntary unemployment

    • a. Notice of termination from the employer
    • b. Copy of passport with visa page
    • c. A copy of the labour contract from the employer to verify the period of employment contract

4. You must submit your claim within a Maximum of 270 days.

5. The takaful provider reserves the right to have the claimant examined by an approved doctor and to request further documents.

You can cancel the takaful plan by calling us on 600 500 607.

The fee will be conveniently billed through your credit card and the amount will be reflected in your monthly credit card statement.

Since supplementary card transactions are charged to the Primary Cardholder, these expenses are covered under Credit Shield.

Yes, you can get Credit Shield on multiple Noor Bank credit cards


Credit Shield Takaful plan is offered by Noor Takaful. Noor Bank is acting as a distributor for Credit Shield and shall not be responsible for the Takaful company's actions or decisions nor shall Noor Bank be liable regarding payment of claims under the takaful certificate (policy) issued by Noor Takaful. The information provided herein is for guidance purpose only.

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