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Noor Bank offers a complete and comprehensive range of Home Finance solutions that are tailored to suit your property needs. If you wish to move into a ready property chosen by you or finance a ready property for investment purposes, Noor Home Finance opens up a world of options to facilitate your transaction.


Noor bank


 Our Home Finance offer comes with


Attractive fixed Margin starting from 1.5%, for full finance tenor


The flexibility of an avail now, pay later option with the first instalment starting after 2 months


Additional finance available for property transaction related costs.


Finance up to AED 25 Million


Life and Property Takaful bundled with your finance


  • UAE Residents: UAE nationals and all expatriate nationalities
  • Non-residents: Residents of GCC countries, a wide range of G20 countries, Pakistan and Singapore.
  • Salaried: Minimum Salary requirement of AED 10,000 per month, No salary transfer required
  • For Self-employed: Average Credits of AED 50,000 per month
  • Minimum Age for all primary applicants is 23 years
  • UAE Nationals: Maximum Age at maturity for 70 years
  • Expatriates: Maximum Age at maturity for Salaried is 65 years, and Self employed is 70 years
Noor bank

Documents Required
for Initial Approval (Pre-approval)

  • All Identification documents
  • Income documents
Salaried Customers
    • Original Salary Certificate
    • Original/Copy of Payslips (if required)
    • Last 3-6 months Personal Bank Statements, depending on employer profile
Self-Employed Customers
    • Copy of Valid Trade Licensee
    • Last 3 months Personal Bank Statements
    • Last 6 months/ 12 months Company Bank Statements
    • Copy of 2 years audited financials
Documents Required for Final Approval
    • Copy of Title Deed or Sale Purchase Agreement
    • Copy of Down Payment Receipts
    • Copy of MOU in case of property resale transaction
    • Copy of POA (if any), dated not older than 2 years from date of application

Note: Additional documentation may be requested by the Bank on a case to case basis

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